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Why Peters Professional?

Well known, high technology brand Peters Professional is now more effective and efficient than ever, thanks to the improved formulations and the new look. The new red packaging and the new visuals make it easier for the user to have a safer and a more convenient application. Below are the advantages that prove to make Peters Professional simply the best. 

Exclusive M-77 Chelating Formula

Our exclusive and patented M-77 chelating formula assures that NPK and trace elements always remain available for plant's easy and fast uptake. This formula creates the optimum condition for the root area and makes it convenient for the plant to take as much and as efficient nutrients as possible and as required. Especially during winter and cold periods when plants are under stress, M-77 chelating formula helps and supports plants overcome all and every problem that might be caused due to stress.


Fast Uptake of Completely Available Trace Elements

Peters Professional comprises of chelated trace elements such as Iron (Fe) by DPTA, Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn), and Zinc (Zn) by EDTA. Thanks to chelating, trace elements are completely available for plant's uptake and any precipitation that might be caused when there is no chelating, is prevented. The recent levels of trace elements are increased and improved to meet the plant need at every growth stage. 

%100 Water Soluble

Even at abnormally high concentrations, Peters Professional is 100% water soluble. With an exclusive colour granule technology, the product becomes golden when it is dissolved in water. In this way, we respect the environment even more as there exists no dye in the fertilizer. Due to its pure golden colour when it is dissolved, Peters Professional has got the name "Golden Drop" which symbolizes high quality and guaranteed growing power

Low Salinity

Peters Professional does not contain any excess salts such as Chlorine, Carbonates or Sulphates. As a result, a high rate of feeding capacity is ensured with low levels of EC.

Easy Identification

The new pacakaging of Peters Professional offers ease of use and identification. On the side of the bag, there exists the product formulation, description and the product barcode, which simply makes it easier to follow up the product both for inventory and sell-out purposes. Traditionally, the back of the bag includes product labels in several languages which contain product information and formulation details in summary. The security code which is referred to as an obligation for transport and storage assumes that the product is handled with care both during transportation and in the warehouse. The "Golden Drop" on the front symbolizes the colour the product becomes when it is dissolved in water.

Safety and Ease of Use

Peters Professional does not clog and/or damage your drip irrigaton systems as it is entirely free of Chlorine, Sodium or Biurates. These high quality products ensure safe and easy application.

Quality Control with a Team of Experts

Peters Professional is strictly tested in Scotts laboratories during every stage of production with a team of experts who have been doing this job for long years.

High Quality

Peters Professional is produced of high quality raw materials. This factor is the key for high qualty plant production and guarantees the convenience of the fertilizer.

The Best Quality Water Soluble Fertilizer with 100% Growing Power

With its broad range of formulations addressing to every growth stage, Peters Professional is effective and efficient enough 

Longer Use of Irrigation Systems

Traditional fertilizers often clog the system. Peters Professional keeps your systems clean with a longer life

Peters Professional completely dissolves due to the fact that it is produced of pure and high quality raw materials. The solution formed keeps your drip irrigation systems clean and does not cause any clogging in the tubes. This is crucial for a balanced and continous plant nutrition. In this way, your systems can be used longer, more effectively and provides you with the highest performance.

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