Altintar was established in 1988 in Antalya for the purposes of marketing products for plant nutrition. With foliar fertilizers, drip fertilizers, plant growth regulators and agricultural medications, Altintar has a wide range of products. As a company, Altintar is constantly growing and developing by increasing the number of its technical personnel for better educating the farmers about the products. During the initial days of when drip fertilization applications first started in Turkey, Altintar Chemicals put a great deal of effort to informing and educating the farmers about the correct methods of using and the spreading of the use of drip fertilizer systems. The company also ensured that high quality drip application fertilizers are employed by the farmers as Altintar Chemicals always gives importance to quality and service. In 1995, the company started importing some of the best products from some of foremost companies known all around the world. These products, that have proven to give high yield and high quality produce, are unmatchable in their field and are highly popular among growers in many parts of Turkey

Altintar Chemicals opened several regional offices starting from the year 1997 and started appointing “Head Dealerships” to some of the best marketers of the market.